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Veneers are effective in correcting minor irregularities in the alignment and shape of the teeth.   It usually involves a small reduction in tooth surface of around 0.5mm, although sometimes no reduction is required.


Veneers are made of high quality dental porcelain, customised in colour and shape to create a pleasing natural smile individual to you.


Dr. David Guy has extensive experience in advanced veneer cases.  Our clinic is also equipped with state of the art high precision optical scanner and computer assisted design capabilities.  These enable us to provide the most up to date high strength porcelain and utilise the best production methods available today.


Veneers may not be suitable for severely misaligned teeth, where orthodontics may be the treatment option.


The Veneer Process


  • Consultation session where we discuss  your needs and the  treatment options
  • Taking records and impressions to plan the Veneer Treatment
  • 3D prototypes of the veneers on models for your approval
  • Preparing the teeth and fitting temporary veneers, any design adjustments can also be made at this stage
  • Fitting the veneers







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