Guy's Dental Implant Centre is a private dental clinic in Cardiff providing dental implant treatment options.


We take referrals from dental practices across South Wales.

We are also a well known teaching centre for dental implants and train dentists in implant dentistry.



Before implant

After Implant

What are Dental Implants?


Dental implants are titanium screws used as fixed replacements for missing teeth.  The implant itself is essentially a replacement tooth root made out of medical grade titanium.  They can be used in a number of ways to replace one or more teeth or even a whole set of missing teeth.


Implants require advanced skills and knowledge to fit them, and the time taken to complete implant treatment can take several months.

Treatments for Replacing Missing Teeth


A missing tooth may sometimes be replaced with a dental implant or a dental bridge or a denture.  Each of these options may be suitable in different situations.


Dental Implants are often used instead of dental bridges because there is no need to prepare the adjacent teeth.

Image Guided Implant Surgery


Utilising the 3D image technology, implants can be placed more accurately than ever before, sometimes using keyhole techniques. Read more.

Overloading of Dental Implants


Overloading of dental implants is a major cause of implant failure.  The main reason that overloading can occur is that not enough dental implants have been placed to cope with your natural bite forces.  If too few implants have been placed the overly strong biting forces may result in breakage of the implants, or loss of bone around the implant and then failure.  Implant overloading can be avoided by good implant planning by a qualified implant dentist.

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